Early Learners Bundle
Early Learners Bundle
Cover: Paperback

Looking for a unique gift for the little ones in your life? These bundles are full of wonderful interactive books designed to help children learn and acquire an interest in the language during their early development.

The gift set is designed for children aged 0-4 and is suitable for both babies and toddlers raised through Irish and those who encounter a little Irish at home. It is full of beautiful, brightly illustrated books and interactive puzzles that will help young children develop language skills and enhance their cognitive development. Below are the products you will find in your 0–4-year-old gift box:

An Chéad 100 Uimhir
How many animals are in the pen? Point out the starfish! Where are the boats? Young children will enjoy learning and playing with this colourful book. This brightly illustrated book is a great resource for children learning to count in Irish. Containing over 50 tabs, it presents numbers and counting in a clear, yet fun-filled, manner.

This colourful hardback introduces babies and young toddlers to a range of animals. High contrast colours are used to attract the young readers attention and stimulate their senses. Visual stimulation in early life helps a child’s development so this book will quickly become a household favourite.

Leabhar Míreanna Mearaí: Dathanna
This interactive book is great for families who want to promote the use of Irish at home. This book supports babies and toddlers in developing new skills such as counting and recognising shapes and colours. The puzzle book focuses on the colours and how they are represented in everyday life. High quality pictures and compelling jigsaw puzzles enable even the youngest users to become familiar with the world around them.

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