In Ord is in Eagar (2015 edition)
In Ord is in Eagar (2015 edition)
New, enlarged, revised edition
ISBN: 978-1-907494-4-44
Year published: 2015
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Cois Life

Revised and enlarged edition of the best-selling reference work (previous edition 2010) so highly regarded by editors, translators and writers of every hue. It contains comprehensive notes and activities based on every aspect of copy-editing (e.g. grammar, standard language and dialect, punctuation), on matters of style (making the text easy to read, concise), and on the process of copy-editing itself (e.g. electronic and online tools, checklists). There are many additional exercises in the new edition and new chapters on the principles of Plain Language and the challenges of particular genres, e.g. literary texts, news articles and scripts.

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