Oíche Chiúin + CD
Oíche Chiúin + CD
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Futa Fata

Beautiful illustrations by international award-winning Australian artist Robert Ingpen. Includes CD recording of Oíche Chiúin/Silent Night featuring Gugalaí Gug vocalist, Caitlín Ní Chualáin

Oíche Chiúin, Oíche Mhic Dé …

Millions of people in the world can finish the lyrics to this beautiful and beloved Christmas carol in their own language. From the lives of its poor and downtrodden creators, to how this glorious composition went on to transcend classes and cultures, the history of the song Stille Nacht/Silent Night/Oíche Chiúin is one worth celebrating. Complete with the song lyrics, this lushly illustrated and beautifully told story explains how the popular Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” was written and put to music. An embodiment of peace, love, and the spirit of Christmas itself, this picture book is the perfect resource for anyone who has wondered where this heartwarming song originated.

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