Na Comharsana Nua
Na Comharsana Nua
ISBN: 978-1-905560-28-8
Year published: 2008
Cover: Paperback

Liam and Siobhán Ó Maoilmhín are a young married couple recently returned to Ireland after spending a few years working in the United States. They both manage to get good jobs and they buy a house in a nice estate. All is well until Learaí and Deborah Ó Dúill move in next door and then, little by little, the Ó Maoilmhín’s lives are turned upside down by their new neighbours. This novel for adult learners is written in relatively simple Irish and includes a glossary of difficult words.

Itwon the first prize in the fiction for learners category in the Oireachtas Literary Competitions 2007.

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