Leabhar Mór an Cheoil
Leabhar Mór an Cheoil
ISBN: 9781906907303
Year published: 2011
Cover: Hardback
Publisher: Futa Fata

This book looks at the history of mankind’s relationship with music, in all cultures, from earliest times to the most cutting-edge contemporary developments.

Help your child discover the power of music and be inspired by cultures all over the world with this book. Discover how instruments are played and get the low-down on the fascinating lives and achievements of great composers, from Mozart to Debussy. Packed with examples from a variety of cultures and styles, from classical and folk, to hip-hop and dance.

Fun, try-it-yourself activities take children on the ultimate musical journey – a delightful gift for budding musicians.

Very accessible Irish text, beautifully illustrated throughout. Very useful for Music course for both Junior and Leaving Certificate levels. This Irish edition will also appeal to adult readers of Irish.

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