An Gabhar a Raibh An-Ocras Go Deo Air
An Gabhar a Raibh An-Ocras Go Deo Air
ISBN: 9781906907914
Year published: 2014
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Futa Fata

This laugh-out-loud tale will delight children as they turn the pages to see how badly Peadar’s plan could go wrong...

Houseproud Cáit leaves her laidback husband Peadar to cut the grass in her pristine garden, while she is away for the day. Peadar HATES cutting the grass. When he sees a herd of farm animals being brought to the local market, he has an idea – why bother cutting the grass when he can buy a hungry goat to eat it instead? Trouble is, Peadar buys a very hungry goat – a very, very, very hungry goat, a goat who isn’t the slightest bit fussy what he eats!

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