Bróga Páipéir agus Stocaí Bainne Ramhair
Bróga Páipéir agus Stocaí Bainne Ramhair
with CD
ISBN: 978-1-905560-19-6
Year published: 2007
Cover: Paperback

The stories in this book were collected from the storyteller Micheál Breathnach, or Michael Phatch, as he was better known, from Gleann Mhac Muirinn in Connemara. There are seventeen stories in the book, tales of wonder and magic, brimming with kings, queens, princes, princesses, orphans, talking animals, heroes and warriors.

The book also includes two audio CDs containing the stories ‘Loinnir Mac Leabhair’ and ‘Gruagach na gCleas’, told by Michael Phatch.

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