Mo Ghrá-sa
Mo Ghrá-sa
ISBN: 978-1-9162403-6-0
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Comhar

These efforts are all milestones in my life, poems about events and important happenings that had an impact on me – efforts to put internal feelings into external words, to express the happiness and sadness that moved my heart, distributing and broadcasting them for celebration and for healing along the ups and downs of my journey. The approach is not so different from Wordsworth’s understanding that the action of composing and writing in itself is a recapturing of feelings; or that of T.S. Eliot who believed that poems are objective correlative and that they give lift us up and put our hearts at ease – if that comparison can be made based on methodology rather than merit!

In the event that a reader sees a reflection of their own life in this personal confession and that it gives them enjoyment, it would give me great pleasure to have managed to link the ‘me inside’ with the outside community, in the hopes that the connection will benefit us all.

– Tadhg

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