Cathal - Séideán Sí - Rang a 6
Cathal - Séideán Sí - Rang a 6
ISBN: 978-1-85791-810-6
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: An Gúm

Following an accident in which his father is seriously injured, Cathal’s parents decide to relocate from Dublin city to rural Galway. Cathal is less than enamoured by this move. However, he doesn’t say anything to his parents. They are under enough pressure as things stand so he doesn’t want to bother them even more. It’s now Cathal’s turn to be under pressure. Here he is, a boy from the city, trying to get used to rural life. He has left all his friends behind in Dublin. He doesn’t even see his parents much, they’re so busy with work and hospital appointments. To top it all there is something strange going on in a field down the road from his new home, something to do with an old well in that field...

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