An Dara Rogha
An Dara Rogha
ISBN: 978-1-9196013-1-1
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Comhar

It’s Year 19 in the New Era. A time where life has we know it has ended and the population lives in Biospheres all across the world. Emma and Zara are based in Biosphere 9. On Emma’s birthday, when she turn seventeen years old, she is chosen for the post important course in the college, according to the Authorities. But what’s in store for her friend, Zara, who isn’t as clever as she is? Will she be sent to the Feotus Farm to be a breeder?

In this speculative fiction novel, Emma and Zara have lots of lessons to learn and lots of challenges to overcome. Will they have to accept what’s in store for them or is there a second option?

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