Féach Thart: Stair - Rang 5
Féach Thart: Stair - Rang 5
ISBN: 9781857918915
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: An Gúm

Féach Thart: Stair is a one year scheme for 5th class. 19 themes will be presented to the students, all of which are based on the strand units of the curriculum.

Two parts to this package: • 19 slide series (Powerpoint file available from www.gaeilge.ie) • Workbook

There are 19 parts in the workbook that are based on the slide series. The students have an opportunity to revise on all they have learnt and gain a better understanding on the topics. The students will answer questions, fill out crosswords, do wordsearches, label diagrams, draw diagrams and undertake many more activities. They will also analyse, in different ways, the information that was presented in the slide series.

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