Máirtín Ó Direáin: Na Dánta
Máirtín Ó Direáin: Na Dánta
ISBN: 978-1-906882-69-3
Year published: 2010
Cover: Paperback

Máirtín Ó Direáin composed many beautiful poems and won many awards throughout his life, and he left a store of magnificent poetry as his legacy. Therefore it is only right that the public should have access to this work in its entirety. In the collections Coinnle Geala (1942), Dánta Aniar (1943), Ó Mórna agus Dánta Eile (1957), Ár Ré Dhearóil (1962), Cloch Choirnéil (1966), Crainn is Cairde (1970), Ceacht an Éin (1979), Béasa an Túir (1984) and Craobhóg Dán (1986), Ó Direáin revealed a deep artistic intellect and an amazing scope of mind in words and language full of beauty and heritage. Now, for the first time ever, these poems are available in a single volume, along with a number of previously unpublished poems.

With artwork by Aran artist Seán Ó Flaithearta.

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