Obair Bhaile - Louis de Paor
Obair Bhaile - Louis de Paor
ISBN: 9781919601328
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Comhar

Poems in tribute to family by Louis de Paor, poems that focus on different aspects of the relationship that is at the very heart of the human experience. In Obair Bhaile, de Paor brings us on a journey though all the periods of time – from Yesterday, to Today, to Tomorrow – through life’s journey that sways constantly ‘gan éinne á bhrú / éinne in aon chor’ [’without anyone pushing it / anyone at all’]. There is hope to be found in this couageous poetry that sends us in the direction of home itself.

Obair Bhaile is a thematic selection that includes poems from six of de Paor’s different collections, published between 1992 and 2016, as well as 13 new poems.

Artwork by Brian Bourke and introduction by Eimear Nic Conmhaic.

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