An Broc-Chú
An Broc-Chú

Oiriúnach do Mheánrang 1/B1 nó níos airde
Suitable for Lower Intermediate/B1 or higher
ISBN: 978-1-911363-02-6
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Leabhar Breac

“To sell this product to our partners in the medical industry, we are going to combine experience and freshness” Duprat labs introduce their new strategy to Guy Farkas, an ‘old school’ pharmaceutical sales rep, and Jérémy Labionda, an over-qualified junior exec ordered to keep an eye on Farkas. On top of that, the duo have to sell a drug that is reputed to have caused the death of hundreds of patients.

Sometimes cruel, sometimes sarcastic, but always very funny, An Broc-Chú is a satire on the greedy world we live in.

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