Oiriúnach do Mheánrang 2/B2 nó níos airde
Suitable for Upper Intermediate/B2 or higher
Cover: Paperback

The short story can take many forms and this is amply illustrated in this very special anthology which celebrates the variety and the high quality of contemporary writing in Ulster. This is a highly enjoyable collection of 28 authors, both young and old, from every corner of the province. Between the covers of this volume we are presented with a masterclass in the diversity of the genre. Stories of love, of revenge, of hope. Stories that make us laugh out loud. Stories that make us cry. Some of these stories are firmly rooted in oral traditions that span centuries, others very proudly display the stamp of contemporary ways of story-weaving. No matter where readers may dive in throughout this very considerable collection, they will find worlds that awaken their interest and entice their imagination.

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