Gift Box: Adult Learners - Intermediate Level
Gift Box: Adult Learners - Intermediate Level
Cover: Paperback

Give the gift of Gaeilge this Christmas with our specially curated gift boxes for adult learners with intermediate Irish language skills. With a range of popular books and a year’s subscriptions to an Irish course on Gaelchultúr’s e-learning platform, ranganna.com, this is the perfect gift for the Gaeilgeoir in your life.

The contents of the gift box are worth €179 but customers of Siopa.ie can purchase it for just €100 this festive season.

Take a look at what you can give (or get) with our bundle for adults’ learners with intermediate Irish language skills:

1. 12 months access to Gaeilge gan Stró! – Intermediate Level
Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level is a multimedia language course for adult learners of Irish available on Gaelchultúr’s e-learning platform ranganna.com. It is designed for people who have already learned Irish and who still understand some of the language but have had little opportunity to use it in recent years. The emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills, but students are also given opportunities to read and write the language.

Ranganna.com is the best place to learn Irish online. It’s full of fun interactive exercises. When you complete an exercise you receive instant feedback, you’re given a score and are provided with the correct answers. With ranganna.com you can learn Irish at your own pace and from anywhere in the world.

2. Mise do Mhamó (Majella Ní Dhomhnaill)
Cecily Ní Bhaoill leads a lonely life. She was an alcoholic many years ago and as a result she no longer has any contact with her adult daughter or her two grandchildren. Her grand-daughter is now about to make her First Communion and, above anything else, Cecily wants to be there. Can she make contact with her family before it’s too late?

A story that reveals the conflict between the shiny Facebook profile and the reality of life. All the characters are dealing with their own problems – from addiction to social isolation and domestic violence. This is the ideal gift for a learner with an intermediate level of Irish as the story is told in simple Irish and words and phrases are explained at the bottom of each page and in the glossary at the end of the book.

3. Tromluí (Áine Ní Ghlinn)
A boy comes to in a remote hillside hut, his hands covered in blood, his memory gone. He has no idea what has happened, or even who he is. Then he discovers he is accused not only of being a drug addict, but also of murdering his best friend Liam… Haunted by terrifying flashbacks, he meets Sinéad - who claims to be a school friend, and who offers to help him put together the jigsaw puzzle of his life. With every newspaper in the country calling him a dangerous criminal, and killers on his trail, can he reveal the truth in time to clear his name?

4. An Leathanach Bán (Pénélope Bagieu)
“Everything will be fine ... I have an address, and metro tickets ... and a map of Paris. Everything is fine. It will all come back to me in a minute.” On a street bench, in Paris, a young woman is trying to recover. She doesn’t remember her name or why she is there. Her memory has faded. With humor and compassion, Pénélope Bagieu and Boulet tell the story of this quest, the pursuit of identity.