Eachtraí Tintin: Todóga na bhFarónna
Eachtraí Tintin: Todóga na bhFarónna

Oiriúnach do Mheánrang 1/B1 nó níos airde
Suitable for Lower Intermediate/B1 or higher
Cover: Paperback

A chance encounter with an eccentric Egyptologist, Seán Ó Tuama, takes Tintin and his faithful dog, Báinín, on an adventure in search of the lost tomb of Pharaoh Kí-Oskh. But the king’s resting place contains a secret much darker than mummies and desert sand. By following a strange clue, Tintin and Báinín fall headlong into the clutches of a gang of drug smugglers, as they unwittingly find themselves in vicious conflict with an international criminal.

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