Amstardam - Séideán Sí - Rang a 6
Amstardam - Séideán Sí - Rang a 6
ISBN: 9781857917901
Year published: 2010
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: An Gúm

Conchúr has no sense. He keeps borrowing money from family and friends and blowing it all at the bookies and on games of poker. And now he has got himself into debt with a local crime boss having borrowed money from him too. With nobody prepared to help him clear this particular debt. Conchúr realizes there is only one way of paying the crime boss back, and that is to do exactly what he tells him to do. And if he doesn’t do what he is told, Conchúr knows full well the consequences will be anything but pleasant. A real page turner published as part of the Séideán Sí project

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