An Broc-Chú 2 Ar Ais i mBun Gnóthaí
An Broc-Chú 2 Ar Ais i mBun Gnóthaí
ISBN: 978-1-911363-18-7
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Leabhar Breac

After spending a period on the run in Brasil, Guy Farkas ‘An Broc-Chú’ is back in Europe, and he’s back in business! He has a mission: He must find the CEO of the international pharmaceutical giant Duprat — a man who is also on the run — and hand him over to the police. This ‘chase movie’ of a graphic novel takes us from an adult movie set to a dark and decadent soirée in an isolated chateau and to a dank French prison cell.

Ar ais i mBun Gnóthaí ewas translated by Darach Ó Scolaí.

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