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An Uaigh
An Uaigh
ISBN: 978-0-9571593-8-9
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Comhar

This is an innovative, intriguing and memorable novel. It tells the story of Aisling, a teenager who rises from her grave one Halloween night almost a hundred years after she was buried. At first she doesn’t understand why she has come back or what her special powers are, but she soon meets people who help her adapt to the modern world and who explain to her why her powers are needed right now. A student has disappeared and Aisling might be able to help find him. Even though the story is set in contemporary Dublin and Wicklow, it draws on ancient Irish folklore about the Banshee in a very effective way to create a dark, mysterious, magical atmosphere. Books about magic and the supernatural have been very popular in English-language young adult fiction for the last number of years, and this book will appeal to readers who enjoy this genre and who are able to suspend their disbelief for a while.

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