An Óige agus an Athbheochan
An Óige agus an Athbheochan
ISBN: 9781919601359
Cover: Paperback

An Óige agus an Athbheochan is the first monograph that focuses on the relationship between the youth and the history of Irish. During the period of the Irish revival adults realised that the salvation of the Irish language depended on the youth, and they seized the opportunity to entice them towards the language. Drama groups and sport groups were established; columns were published in newspapers and in literature for the youth; festivals appeared and the custom of sending young people to summer colleges in the Gaeltacht began. There was a huge gap between the experience of the youth in urban areas and those in Gaeltacht areas, however, and a new insight is given in this book as to how the Irish revival movement affected them both. This book closely examines the attempts of the Irish revival movement to recruit the youth and put them to work for the benefit of the Irish language.

This book was awarded a prize in the Oireactas Literary Competitions in 2021.