Muireann agus an Fharraige Fhiáin
Muireann agus an Fharraige Fhiáin
By Malachy Doyle and Andrew Whitson
Cover: Hardback

‘Timeless and heart-warming, this tale speaks of love, sacrifice and hope. Doyles’ pitch-perfect writing pull us through the story with gentle, soothing tones inspiring the reader to look deeper, go further. Great care and consideration is given to depicting a vignette of the life of this small island girl. Using clear, concise language, he weaves the story with just the right amount of drama and nuance and conveys a message that everything will be all right. The stunning pictures by Whitson lend mood and atmosphere, with the use of light and colour adapting to each page. The effect is simply magical. This is a wonder of a book; perfectly illustrated and loving told; one you will want to read and share again and again.’ Mary Esther Judy, Children’s Bookseller

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