Focal.ie Terminology Collection
Focal.ie Terminology Collection
Year published: 2012

The software can be run directly from the CD-ROM or installed on your computer. It enables you to search a copy of the terminology database www.focal.ie while offline. An updated copy of the database will be available regularly. This software is primarily aimed at those without a permanent high-speed Internet connection. Not only does the software allow you to search the database, but there is also a plug-in for the word processor, Microsoft Word. This plug-in searches the CD-ROM automatically for terms which are typed or selected in a Word document, which means that there is no need for copying and pasting.

Please note that features of the software are not identical but are equivalent to those of www.focal.ie.


-Bilingual interface
-Fast and powerful search that can deal with inflected forms, minor spelling errors, whole words or parts of words, single-word or multi-word terms, and more
-Alphabetical listing of terms
-Microsoft Word integration on Windows
-Runs from the CD-ROM or installable to hard drive
-Easy to update

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