ISBN: ISBN 978-1-909907-60-7
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Leabhar Breac

On Leic Island off the Atlantic coast of Ireland, Caitriona’s only worry is how she and her friends will spend the long school summer holidays ahead of her - and how to make an impression on the handsome Seamas, of course. She is delighted to be offered a summer job woorking with Séamas in the diving school. But, in spite of her efforts, he doesn’t show much interest in her. Hoping to make him jealous, she goes on a date with another man on the island, a young man who seems very interested in her, and with that begins an adventure that leaves Caitríona and her friends in grave danger. Romance and teenage fun are entwined in this thriller about unscrupulous thieves and a valuable cargo at the bottom of the sea.

This novel was awarded an Oireachtas prize in 2014.

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