The Seven Knots of Desire
ISBN: 978-1-909907-68-3
Cover: Hardback

Éadaoin’s tale is the great love story of Old Irish, a story which survived only in fragments, in the Book of the Dun Cow, and in the Book of Lecan. Diarmuid Johnson has reconstructed these fragments and filled the gaps in our knowledge to present a full-bodied, exciting retelling. Johnson has transformed this tale into an ancient epic which can hold its own alongside other greats such as Helen of Troy and the tale of Tristan and Isolde.

Éadaoin descends from the birds of the fairy fort. Her time is divided between visiting the transient, mortal world, and returning always to the land of the eternal, Brí Léith. Éadaoin was the wife of Eochaidh, King of Tara. But it was to Midhir that she gave her heart, to Midhir of the fairies, Midhir of Brí Léith, Midhir the Beautiful, of the Honeyed Words.

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