ISBN: 978-1-901176-66-7
Year published: 2006
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Cois Life

A mountaineering team and a camera crew on Everest. Tensions between father and son. The lack of trust between them does not augur well. Mike has technical skills to share with his son, Liam, who is on time out from school to travel to Tibet. He becomes friendly with the Sherpas, and one young Rai in particular who works in the Base Camp. Exhilaration and terror, tragedy and rescue, are all experienced here on the slopes of Everest, turning things on their head. Communication on many levels is explored here by Dermot Somers, an experienced mountaineer and an established broadcaster and author in both Irish and English. Rince ar na Ballaí (Cois Life 2002) won a major Oireachtas award. He has published four titles in English, the most recent Endurance (2005). Buaic is his first work of fiction in Irish.

The author acknowledges the support of the Arts Council and Bord na Leabhar Gaeilge in writing this book.

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