(Leabhar agus CD)
ISBN: 9780955898314
Year published: 2008
Cover: Hardback
Publisher: Futa Fata

Poetry, incantation, prophesy, and proverbs from the Irish oral tradition are the subject of this beautifully produced publication.

The Irish oral tradition is a treasure trove of poetry, incantation, prophesy and proverb.

Aniar, meaning ‘from the west’, presents a broad selection of this timeless material from the seemingly bottomless well of Conamara folklore. Each piece is further enhanced by Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin’s translations and bilingual background notes, by Ceara Conway’s inventive photography, and by the performance of three of Conamara’s finest voices on the accompanying CD, with music by John Ryan.

At times a window on our pre-Christian past, at times a prescient description of 21st Century woes, Aniar is a truly engaging collection of voices and verse, from the edge of the world.

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