Ingne Dearga Dheaideo
Ingne Dearga Dheaideo
ISBN: 1-902420-93-4
Year published: 2005
Cover: Paperback

“Breathnach is always a special pleasure to read for his clean, spare style, which can be poetic, supple, or moving as the moment requires.” – The Irish Times

Pádraic Breathnach is a writer renowned as a stylist, a nature lover and for his depiction of youth, and the seventeen stories in this collection will do much to reinforce his reputation as a talented wordsmith. This work was awarded the top prize for a short story collection in the Oireachtas literary competition 2003.

Ingne Dearga Dheaideo has the variety that readers have come to expect of a Pádraic Breathnach collection of short stories, including grief, old age, the eternal struggle between tradition and modernity, and the world through the eyes of a child.

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