Paidreacha na Gaeilge
Paidreacha na Gaeilge
Prayers in Irish
ISBN: 978-1-901176-88-9
Year published: 2008
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Cois Life

‘The prayer is a ladder to Paradise…’

The music and poetry of the Irish people is to be found in this wonderful anthology that spans two thousand years of devotion. Emerging from oral culture, these prayers are charged with the language and rhythms of traditional song.

Here are the angels and the apostles; Bríd and her cloak; Michael and his shield; and the great Irish saints Patrick and Colm Cille. Featuring reproductions of works by stained glass artist Evie Hone, this book presents prayers for every season and occasion. At every turn they sing the praises of a loving God - and celebrate all of creation, ‘from the lowliest thing to the highest name’.

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