Madame Lazarre
Madame Lazarre

Oiriúnach do Mheánrang 2/B2 nó níos airde
Suitable for Upper Intermediate/B2 or higher
Cover: Paperback

Ever since she was a young child, Levana has been proud of her Jewish heritage and the strong women who preceded her. One of them is Hana Lazare, Levana’s grandmother, who fled as a young girl from her homeland in northern Europe, the only survivor of the Shoah massacre.

But when Hana becomes mentally confused at the end of her life, fragments of information leak from her mouth which upsets Levana. The young woman is sent on a journey that forces her to question everything her grandmother ever said to her. As the story moves from Paris to Brussels to the west of Ireland, Levana approaches the true story of her grandmother and the tragedy that befell Madame Lazare ‘s secret life.

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